Sam * Esme


From So Cal, born and raised, I'm 23 with the snazzy attitude of school yard kid... I love design, typography, book covers, and conversations. I also talk. A lot.

This is Gus and I being goofballs at MoLAA. I volunteer there once in a while and I was invited to man the photo booth during the opening night for their "Play With Me" exhibit. It was unfortunate that the photo booth was set up in such a way that it created extreme shadows on people and their faces. It was a pain to try to take a good picture, and as a result we decided to over-expose so that we could get rid of some of those overwhelming shadows. Anyway, while trying to figure out a good approach, we took a few test shots of each other. They’re not good, but they were fun. Oh, and please do not mind Gussie’s creepy smile. He just likes to make me uncomfortable sometimes, haha. 

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